March 24, 2011

Sponsor a Giveaway

Hello!  I'm happy to host giveaways on this site if you would like to provide the product (even a small, low cost item).    I also have some options for combined giveaways which allow you to offer a giveaway for your products without paying the full price of providing a prize.  Plus, I offer some promotional extras when you sponsor a regular or combined giveaway here. You can see an example of a combined giveaway here

In February I host an event to help raise awareness about human trafficking, a modern form of slavery.  I am looking for fair trade and hand-made products to give away, and may also be doing a combined giveaway specifically to raise money for an organization which helps victims of human trafficking.    If you are interested in either of these please contact me at ecarian at yahoo dot com.  To learn more about the event, click here.

If you would prefer to giveaway an item from your shop without doing a combined giveaway, I'm happy to host these type of items too.  Just let me know about the product and how you want it presented.  If you want to send me product too I am happy to review it, and will put the review on my other blogs ( and too) if it seems appropriate.  For smaller "work from home" shops, artists, hand-crafters, Zazzle and other POD artists, and for fair trade companies  I will sometimes do this without any compensation, but for more established companies I require a sample of the product or a reasonable payment. Contact me at ecarian at yahoo dot com if you are interested.

In a combined giveaway several shops all contribute a small amount ($3 - $5) to a joint giveaway, and I use this to offer a  gift certificate ($15 - $20) which the winner can use at any of the partipating shops.  All the shops get traffic and exposure, but each pays less than they would pay if they were offering a giveaway by themselves. 
On Such Fun to Give, a portion of your contribution goes to the prize, and a portion goes to charity.  Each participating shop also is encouraged to help promote the giveaway by listing it in online linkies (free sites that allow you to list giveaways) or $1 extra to be used towards advertising, and are encouraged to help promote in other ways too.  This helps build traffic for everyone involved.

E-mail me at ecarian at yahoo dot com if you are interested in any of the options below.  Once I get enough participates I will contact everyone again, collect the money, and get the giveaway up on the site. .

The winner can choose to spend their giveaway money at any of the particpating shops.  The particpating shops agree give the winner free shipping on the items they purchase with their winnings (since they pay full price hopefully the profits on those items will cover shipping), and I will pay the shopkeepers via pay-pal.  If the winner chooses to spend more than the giveaway amount, the shopkeeper and the winner should work out details of payment (including if any shipping will be charged on items over the giveaway amount) with the shopkeeper.  

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