March 29, 2011

The Geekiest Kids Room Ever - Free Growth Chart and More

My husband has turned me geeky....and turned out kids geeky.  They are Star Wars fanatics and we let them watch Star Trek and occasionally the older one gets to watch Dr. Who with us (a new discovery on NetFlicks).  Well, this growth chart has characters  from all of those...starts with tribbles on the bottom and ends with Darth Vader on the top.  AWESOME!

If you are looking for some art to go with this geeky mode of kid decor, then just head on over and check out the artwork of James Hance, who's works features mash up of Star Wars with Winnie the Pooh, Calvin and Hobs, Mupets and more (he has many other other mash-ups involving various cartoons, superheroes, and Sc-fi favorite has to be his Dr. Who/Back to the Future Mash-up).  And prints are only $10!  Plus he has an adorable Winnie the Pooh style children's book called Wookie and the Chew.  Make sure your kiddos have read the original Pooh first, then introduce them to the fine art of parody!

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