July 15, 2009

Rosetta Stone Giveaway Reveals a Family Mystery

I have a lot of fun entering blog giveaways, and learn a lot about a lot of cool products in the process, but today I learned something I never expected to learn on a giveaway: the correct Spanish for my son's first phrase!

See, my oldest son's first phrase was in Spanish (not his first word, but the first combination of words he put together). It was something he picked up in Day Care when he was one. He would say "No de ha!" when I would do something he didn't like...I'd take away something he was playing with or take him somewhere he didn't want to go, and he'd say "No de ha! No de ha!" One time he even slapped my hand when he said it. So I sort of knew what it meant but I had no idea what words he was actually trying to so.

When I mentioned it to one of the ladies who took care of him at day care she laughed and told me it was Spanish for "Stay away from that." She told me how to say it in Spanish (he had mispronounced it, but it was close enough that we were sure that what it was) but by the time I had gotten home I had forgotten the real way to say it...so "No de ha" and it's meaning was what went in the baby book.

Since then I've asked several Spanish speakers now to say "stay away from that" but nothing has sounded close.

And then, tonight, I was reading a Rosetta Stone Giveaway Post over at Mom's Most Wanted...and she listed several Spanish phrases she used a lot with her kids. And there it was: “Eso no se hace” (That is not ok to do).

I think I remember that my son had some trouble with the "s" sound back then, and of course he would shorten hace to "ha" because he didn't say many two syllable words yet. So there it was!

It doesn't matter if I win the giveaway (thought that would be awesome)...I've already won tonight!