April 2, 2013

My Favorite Giveaway Linkies!

One of the easiest ways to draw traffic to your blog is to give something away. It's not just that giveaways are popular--they're easy to advertise for, too! There are hundreds of sites where you can advertise your giveaways for free. Read on to learn some of the best places to list your blog giveaways

My Top 10 Giveaway Link Sites
While there are many, many sites to list your giveaways on, I've found that most bring in few hits (usually around 2-3 hits each, usually). The following sites 10 sites are the exception. When I list my giveaways on the sites below they typically bring in 10-60 hits each.  The first three are the real powerhouses...they've stayed consistently on this list through many updates and always do well, but they have some restrictions.  

Etsy Giveaways 
Items in giveaway don't have to be specifically from an Etsy shop, in spite of the name. Accepts handmade independent artist giveaways only, with rare exceptions (giveaways for advertising or craft supplies usually accepted too).Submit via web form on site.

Tight Wad in Utah: LOW Entry Giveaway
Tight Wad in Utah posts low entry giveaways daily except on Sundays (and has an ongoing list as well). You can submit them anytime but she suggests waiting until late in the giveaway. She only posts giveaways under 200 entries.

Sweepstakes Advantage
Submit via form. You need to be registered to submit giveaways but giveaway submission is free.

Mommy Kat and Kid - Fabulous Fridays 
Weekly text linky posted Fridays.

Airplanes & Dragonflies (Giveaway Under 500 entries)
If you have a giveaway with under 500 entries she will post it on her Last Chance giveaway and may also post it in daily "low entry giveaway" posts. You submit giveaways via a form.

Cloth Giveaway Round-up 
Every Friday this blog posts a list of cloth-diaper giveaways followed by a general linky that all family friendly giveaways can be posted on.

Two of a Kind Working on a Full House - Got Giveaways 
Linky updated Tuesdays.

Tales of a Ranting Ginger - Canada Friendly Giveaways 
Thumbnail linky posted Mondays. As the name implies, giveaways submitted here must be open to Canadians.

International Blog Giveaways
Site usually only accepts giveaways which are open internationally, and has always sent a lot of traffic.

Nickels-n-Dimes - Want to Win it Wednessday
Submit via inLinkz pictoral linky posted on Wednessdays (sometimes posted Tuesday Night).

Past Top Linkies
These have fallen out of the top 10 for various reasons. Some are still good to add too, but just may have fallen below others. A few of these are temporarily not taking new links.

International Blog Giveaways
Site usually only accepts giveaways which are open internationally, and has always sent a lot of traffic.
Nickels-n-Dimes - Want to Win it Wednessday.
Submit via inLinkz pictoral linky posted on Wednessdays (sometimes posted Tuesday Night).
Frugal, Freebies and Deals - Win It Wednesday
Submit via Mr. Linky posted Wednesday.
Saving Cents With Sense - Giveaway Round Up
Submit via Mr. Linky posted on Thursdays. 
Money Saving Moms - Giveaways Galore
Ongoing Mr. Linky (used to be posted Tuesdays)
Contest Listing
Submit Via Web Form.
The Steady Hand - Rafflecopter Giveaway Linky
Ongoing linky which accepts only Rafflecopter giveaways. She has another giveaway linky for any type of giveaway here, but I find the Rafflecopter one is the real traffic draw.

Other Great Places to Post Giveaways
While the ones above are my best bets for consistent traffic, depending on the type of giveaway you have, other sites may work better for you.  Here are some suggestions.

If you're having a hard time getting people to enter, these lists are perfect for you.  Most of the time they list giveaway under 200 entries (sometimes less), and some have time restrictiosn (such as ending within the next week).

If you're giveaway is open outside the US, or is a local giveaway only availaible to people of a certain state or city, than regional or international linkies are a good place to list it.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words.  So if you have a visually appealing product, you might want to list it on one of these pictoral/thumbnail linkies.

There are linkies out there focusing just on specific types of giveaways (book giveaways, baby giveaways, giveaways from specific stores).  These linkies might give you more traffic than others if you have a giveaway that fits their topic.

OK, these won't give you any more traffic than others, but the cool thing about giveaways which use a Mister Linky form is that once you've entered your giveaway into one form, usually the next form will automatically fill in your title/URL (you only have to click submit).  That makes these forms VERY EASY to fill in, and you can go through a lot of them very quickly.  And one or two hits from A WHOLE LOT OF LINKIES makes up for a lot of hits.

If you want to take the time to list your giveaways EVERYWHERE POSSIBLE, these sites list even more giveaways.  And if you're looking for places to FIND giveaways, these might be even better than my top ten (since they may be getting less traffic).

Places to Share Blogger Opps
Are you planning a group giveaway or other giveaway event?  Below are some good places to share them (or to look for places to join).  
Giveaway Monkey Giveaway Opps

Advertise With Bloggers Giveaways Facebook Group
They have a thread where you can list blogger opps.  
Blog Events and Leads Facebook Page
Mostly giveaways, but you can post opps too.

2 Just Be You
Giveaways on the top, then linkies, then opps at the bottom.

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  1. ooh, thanks for posting this! I love finding new linky's and I had not heard of some of these!