January 15, 2015

Hearts Should Be Free - 2015

Did you know that slavery still exists today?  I don't mean metaphorical slavery...I mean actual slavery where people are forced to work without pay, beaten, threatened, and not allowed to leave.

Heart's Should Be Free is an event I first started January 2012 using giveaways to spread awareness about this injustice, because people can't change something they don't know is happening.

Sponsors have donated some beautiful prizes you can win, and each giveaway post will help you learn about a different aspect of modern slavery, and the fight against it.

The Giveaways Are Now Ended

See Winners Below


Arrow Bracelet Giveaway 

Sponsored by Fret Knot Jewelry
Winner:  Christina H.

Valentines and Bookmarks Giveaway
Sponsored by Scribbleprints and 8th Wonder Creations
Winner:  Marsha C.

"Forever Summer" Necklace and Bracelet Giveaway

Sponsored by UnBound Syle
Winner:  Jennifer H.

Winner:  Desiree R.

A Giveaway for Hope

Sponsored by Poppy and Pinecone,
Zen Custom Jewelry27 Bath and Body
and 8th Wonder Creations.
Winner:  Nina N.


Volunteer Info Here

More Ways to Fight Modern Slavery

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