November 20, 2010

Easy Win Giveaway Blogs

OK, earlier I started a list of blogs that  low entry giveaways...because if they had one they were likely to have had others.  But this list had gotten so old, because I hadn't checked or updated it in a while, and most of the blogs on this either didn't do giveaways anymore, or they weren't low entry anymore, or the blog didn't even exist.

Well, I'm restarting the giveaway with a blog I found recently that I know has had several low entry giveaways recently.  The old list is below if you'ld like to wade though it.    For now, the new list...


Finch and Wren
Heck of a Bunch


*The starred ones were some of my faves...those might still be worth a look.

2 Just B You
3 Boys and a Dog
5 Minutes 4 Mom

Adventures in Aubryland*
Adventures With Ellie*
The Almost Vegan
Angel Was Here 
Angel Zafranko
Angie With 2
Aristo-Chic (Roaming Ferel Cat)
Ashley Mac Q

The Baby Blackbird
Baby Recs
BC Spa Girl
Because I Love Coupons*
Because L.I.A.D.A
Belissima Kids 
Beyond Backstitch
Bien Venidos Adventures
Big City Teacher
Big Hair Big Books*
Bit O Everything
Bless Their Hearts Mom
Bohemian Babushka
Breezy Mama
Buggy and Buddy

CakeMom (Jamie LZ)
Celebrity Teen Scoop 
Chaotic Beauty Blog
Chaotic Conscience
Cinders Says
Colleen's Creative
Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife*
Come Out When You're Happy
Coupons are Great
Coffee, Cream, and the Caffein-
Crafty Moms Share
The Crafty Mummy
Craft of Laughter 
Creative Southern Home 
Creatively Content-
Crossroads of the Heart
Curls nu
The Curriculum Choice 
The Curriculum Corner


Day to Day Moments*
Dan's Le Townhouse
Debra's Random Rambles
Desert Soapstone
Design Crush
Dirty Truth Reviews
Do-It-Yourself Danielle
Domestic Randomness
Don't Mind the Mess 
Do Try This At Home
Double the Giggles
Do Your Part

Earth Cookie Creations*
Eco Happy Style
Eco Mama's Guide to Living Green
Emily Rachelle Writes
Emerson Lane Originals*
Entrepreneurial Woman
Ephesians Wife 
Etsy Stalker 
Every Child is a Blessing
Extraordinary Ordinary Life

Faith and Family Reviews
Fancy Shanty
Fashion With Fitness
Fatherly Stuff
Finally Finding Me
The Finished Plate
Fit Girl Joy Dry
Five In Tow 
Floating Lemons
Fluer De Elise
For One Another
Freebies, Reviews and Giveaways*
A Frugal Friend
A Frugal Life*

Garcia's Memories
Geek Mom*
Gen Pink
The Giraffe Life
Girls in White Dresses
The Giveaway Guy
Gloria's Mind 
Good n' Crazy
Green Eyed Country Girl
A Green Routine
Green Splotches

Hanging Off the Wire*
The Hand that Rocks the Cradle 
A Heart Full of Love
A Hen's Nest
Hope N. Griffin
Housewife on a Mission

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle 
Healing With (Raw) Juice
Hej Juni
Her 3 Little Thinkers
Hidden Valley
Hip Mama's Place 
At Home:  Where Life Happens
Hug a Tree With Me

I Carry Your Hart
I'm a Blessed Mother 
Independant Mami*
In the Hammock Book Reviews
Indigo 26 (Seems to do one yearly in Feb/March)
I Overthink Everything
It's All Free Online

Jenny M Herrera
A Jill of All Trades -
Just Some Jane
Just Wedeaminute

Katydid Designs
Kitty Ears*

Law Books and Lipstick
Last Mom
Learning to be Thrifty
Learning With Mom
Lee Lou Blogs
Le Maison Boheme*
The Lemon Hive
Lets Doll Up
Loopy Loop Creations 
The Loose Screw
Lost and Tired 
Love At Your Side
Lovely Undergrad 
Loving Life and Living on Less
Love, Life, Logistics
Let's Doll Up
Life Captured 
Life is So Good**
Live, Laugh, Love, Blog
A Life Sustained
Lille Punkin*
Linda's Lunacy*
Lindsey Lu
Lipstick, Heels, and a Baby
Lisa M. Griffin
Little Bits of Life
A Little Knick Knack
Little Hedgehog
Little Lady, Little City
Little Saver
Little Tech Girl*
A Little Umbrella 
Live Green Mom
Lively Happenings
Living in the Moment
Lulu and Linen
Luv Saving Money*

Maiden Jane *
Mami Talks
Make Life Special
Making a Run for It
Making Time for Mommy 
Makobi Scribe
Mama Buzz
Marsha's Spot*
McKinney Mamma
McMamma Says
Me, Him and the Cats
Melissas Stuff (Dallas)
Meggie Frue
Message on a Napkin
Mindful Mamma
Mocha Dad
Modern Buttercup
Modern Day Moms
A Mom in Training
Mommy Factor
Mom of 3 Boys (Mom's Moments)
Mom's Plans*
Mom With a Dandelion in Her Hair
Mom With a Lesson Plan
Mondo Mom 
More Than a Coupon Queen*
More Than Fashion (Europe)
Motherhood Moments**
Mrs. Southern Bride 
Mud Pies and Tiaras 
Muses of Megret
My European Sojourn
My Great Finds*
Mystery Shopping Teacher 

Nature Mummy
Nessa Makes
Never Say Die Beauty
New South Food Company
Nicki Woo 
The Nurse Mommy


Oh, I Love That!
Our Crazy Boys
Our Homeschool Review
Our Villiage is a Little...Different
Our Whiskey Lulluby
Overtired Mommy*

Parent Map 
Pearls and Afro Puffs
Penny Minding Mom*
Peace, Love, Organic Mom
Pinkii Life
Poetic Lotion
Publiz Coupon Queen*

Rain on a Tin Roof
Raindrops and Sunshine
Random Handprints
The Rebel Chick
Representing Me
Rhyme Schemes and Daydreams 
Rosie Made*
Run Like a Girl

Sami Spoon
Sammy G Art 
Save Green Being Green*
Saving Toward a Better Life
This Simple Home*  
The Simple Homemaker 
Scrapping With Christine
Scrappy Love Blog
Sew Ducky
Sew Crafty Cat 
Sew Creative
Short Girl, Long Island
So Mommy
Songs Kate Sang 
So Sew Mama
Souffle Bombay
Southern Mom of 4
Sowing Dandelion Seeds
Spit and Sparkles
The Space Between
Sparrow Tree Square
Stroller Adventures -
Stitches and Love
Sunnyside Farm Fun*
Sumo's Sweet Stuff
Sunshine and Hurricanes
Sun 7 Designs
Susie Homeschooler
Sweepstakes Lover 
Swinging On Small Hinges

Taber Time
A Tale of Two Shoes
Teach Beside Me
Teaching, Training, and Tantrums
Teresa Kogut
Terrell Family Fun 
The Thinking Tree
Three Boys and an Old Lady
Thru My Lens
Thrifty Christy*
Thrice the Spice
This Talk Ain't Cheep
Tings Mom*
Today I 
Toddling Around Chicago Land
Two Crazy Crafters 
Two Bear Farm
Two Kids and a Coupon

Untypically Jia
Up Authors
Utah Mom's Life

Veggie Kids
Vintage Amethyst 
Violet Daffodils 

WAHM Connect Reviews
Wee Share
We Know Stuff 
We're Parents
What Mamma Wants  
When Regarding Ruffles
Whispers in the Silence
Words Truly

Y.A. Writers Alumni



They don't usually have low entry, but I just love the types of giveaways they have...



  1. This is a great list, Im going through it now.

    My blog giveaways usually have under 100 entries since I am new (except for the CSN giveaways)

  2. great list! im checking it out now too. giveaways are awesome!

  3. Thank you for taking time in creating and sharing this link. I'd check them now to see if they all work.

  4. Thank you for adding my blog to the list. I'm putting one of your blog buttons on my blog! :)

    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

  5. I have Found several links that no longer work and need removed But I thank you for the wonderful list I have spent my entire evening going through them and a lot are just great. Thanks for all the work you have done.

  6. I hope it's ok to share my link, if not I completely understand. I have giveaways often and hardly ever have more than 100 entries.... Guess I need to get on a few lists lol. Anyway, I have 4 open right now and more on the way. Mostly hair/skin related

  7. Hello, I have some big hair/skin giveaways going on, where can I submit them?? Thanks!! ~Jenn

    1. Hi! You can submit them here:

      I was on vacation when you posted...sorry about that. I'll go check out your site and see if they are still running.

  8. Thanks for sharing my giveaway. How do you find such information?