March 31, 2011

Giveaways For Good

The Ivy Twines is fighting back against modern slavery by offering 10 extra entries in nearly all her giveaways this month to anyone who will share their plan to fight slavery.  Your plan can be as simple as signing a petition, or sharing a  video or copy pasting my 10 facts about modern slavery on on your blog.  Just for that you can get ten extra entries in these great giveaways....

This was actually a give-back I suggested (when she was asking last month about issues we cared about), and I'm happy to see that a few people have participated.  I'd love to see more!

There's one more giveaway for good I've stumbled on this month.  Our Whiskey Lullaby is giving away tokens (credits to buy stuff) for PS Give, a site which helps you find deals while earning money for charity.

If you know of any other giveaways for good, please submit them here.

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