July 1, 2010

How I Find Low Comment Giveaways

Want to know how I find low comment giveaways?  Well, some I just stumble over, but there's ways to search for them.  Here's how:
  1. I search the Giveaways Ending Soon Section of Prizey.  I look for lower dollar items (things that probably cost under $20), and items like books and CDS that seem to attract less people.  I also look items with poor pictures, since this is often a sign of a blogger with less experience who might not be attracting as many entrants.  Because all of these giveaways are ending soon, I know that the amount of comments they have is about all they'll get--and avoid ones that are only low comment because they're just starting.

  2. Once I find a low comment giveaway I look on that blog to see what other items they might be giving away.  Often these will be low comment too.  Sometimes I save their URL to check later  (I've saved some of these here.).  The few $100 items I've found with less then 10 entrants were found this way.  I also find low comment giveaways at various blogs which post these (you can see a list on my sidebar.

  3. I also have found low comment giveaways searching for something specific.   For instance, while searching for CafePress giveaways I've stumbled on a few giveaways with less than 50 comments, even though CafePress giveaways usually bring hundreds of comments.  If there is a specific item you are especially wanting to win--lets say and Amazon Gift Card--you can go to Google blog search, click on advanced search, set the date range to one week, and search for "Amazon Giveaway."  The date limitation is important because otherwise you'll be sifting through all the ended giveaways and waste a lot of time.  If it's a less popular giveaway item you might try up to a month.


  1. Good ideas, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. That's something we don't often thing about everyday. Thanks for sharing. I will try it one of these days when I have time to enter giveaways. :-)

  3. all of mine are usually under 100. most of thetime they dont even get that far. some have ended with 10 or 3 or 20.


  4. Thanks! Another is Oh So Savvy Mom: