May 31, 2010

EASY WINS - Low Comment Giveaways - Updated

One thing I like about Blog giveaways is you know how many people have entered based on how many comments there are--so you know when you find a giveaway without many comments your chances of winning are good.  The following giveaways I found are ending soon and have less than 50 comments (at least last time I checked). 

June 5
Men and Dogs by Katie Crouch Audiobook (17 comments)

June 7
Gourmet Gift Basket (12 comments)
Moment of Glory by John Feinstein Audiobook (4 comments)

June 8
Hope of a Refuge by Cindy Woodsmall (20 comments)

 The Hope of Refuge: A Novel

The following giveaways posted here earlier have expired.

ENDED May 31
Don't Tell Them It's Healthy by Karen Fischer (35 comments)*
Lucky Girl Blog Design  (33 comments)*

*I got an extra entry for blogging about these, so links to these giveaways remain on this post after expiration.

May 26, 2010

Review - Angelic Baby Creations

My boys are big...not "fat" just big.  They each weighed around 10 lbs when they were born, and then just kept growing.  That's why my littlest, who just turned two, fits into size three clothes (and even a few size 4 items).  He has grown out of most of his bibs (they're either two tiny or too snug at the neck), but hasn't grown out of needing them.  That was why I was so happy to get a chance to do some bartering from my shop for some large hand-made, long sleeved, pocketed bibs from Angelic Baby Creations.    Here's my little guy modeling one:

Cute huh?  But we need an ACTION shot...

Ah...PIZZA!  That's more like it!

Yeah...check out the fingers.  There we go!

Actually, he was being quite neat for this photo shoot,  but I have no doubt this bib would keep his clothes clean during much messier meals.  The bib was a size large (for ages 2-5), and fit him perfectly.  I'm not sure if it would fit a 5 year old, but then I'm basing that off my little one who, while he fits a size three, still has more baby fat than an actual three year old, and certainly more than a 5 year old would.  The sewing is well done--I put the bib through the washer/dryer and it held up fine  (UPDATE:  Several years and many washes later, it has still held up...and will be handed down to my nephew).  

When you order a bib from Angelic Baby Creations you can pick from a fun selection of fabrics , or choose pre-made styles from her sale section.   Angelic Baby Creations also carries invitations, birth announcements, custom candy bar wrappers, hair bows, mother's bracelets, and pearl charm bracelets.

(I was not payed for this review, but did receive a discount on the bibs).

May 25, 2010

Oh So Fun and Functional!

Have you seen this?

It's the Boon Animal Bag, and yes, it is a bean bag that holds stuffed animals in stead of beans. How cool is that?

Only, I wish it didn't cost $60!  That's why I'm gonna try to win one!  See if you can win too by entering at the following sites!

The Shopping Mamma (5/26)
One Savvy Mom (6/8)

(NOTE:  I received extra entries in the giveaways for blogging about this)

May 24, 2010

EASY WINS - Low Comment Giveaways Ending Soon

Below you'll find a list of blog hosted giveaways with low comments ending this week, organized by end date.

May 26

Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico
Book: Love Finds You in Golden by Lena Nelson Dooley (23 comments)
Blind Mice Socks (21 comments)

May 27
Digital Room Window Cling (9 comments)*
CafePress Custom Apron (9 comments)*
UPrinting Brochures (16 comments)
UPrinting Business Cards (17 comments)
Digital Room Business Cards (44 comments)
Clean-cil Classroom Pencil/Crayon Cleaner (6 comments)

May 28
Choose You Goodie Pack With Shirt, Sun-screen, Coupons, and More (7 Comments)
CafePress Tote-Bag (23 comments)

May 29
Book: Liberty's Promise by Tiffany Stockton (15 comments)

May 31
Sense Prelude 5 Skin Care Products (16 comments)

Know of another giveaway with low comments ending soon?  Please leave a URL in the comments below!

*I got an extra entry for blogging about these giveaways.

May 20, 2010

Easy to Win Low Comment Giveaways

Here are some more blog hosted low comment giveaways ending soon!

May 21
$15 at Mommy Mart (2 comments)

May 22
Enemies Among Us: A Novel
Enemies Among Us by Bob Hamer (30 comments)

May 23
UPrinting Poster (12 comments)
I-phone Skin (11 comments)

There's also several other low comment giveaways at Giveaway Lady and I don't have time to blog them all right now.  You can also find more at Helping Mommy's Win - she had a lull for a while but she's posting giveaways again now!

May 12, 2010

Giveaways for Good - Swahili Coast Organic Sugar Scrub

I love finding giveaway that promote products and companies which do some good in our world. Shaw Treatment is giving away Swahili Coast Organic Sugar Scrub at Today's Diva.  Shaw Treatment has a line of body care products made with quality, natural ingredients, and 100% of their of net profits (after tax) go to grass-roots charities working on relief efforts in Africa.

Find shops donating to charity at Shop 4 Charity.

May 10, 2010

Easy Wins - Giveaways Under 50 Comments

Here's some low comment giveaways you have a great chance at winning!

Ends May 11
Star Walk Astronomy Iphone Ap (24 comments)

Ends May 12
Crackers and Cookies (22 comments, 8 winners)

Ends May 13
UPrinting Post Cards (27 comments)
Gorrilla-pod (7 comments) - I'm really surprised this one doesn't have more.  I have a Gorilla-pod.  It's an amazing camera stand that usually costs $40.

Ends May 15
Highland Blessings (24 comments)

Ends May 17
One EskimO CD and T-Shirt (0 comments)
Book: No Other (14 comments)

These ones are now closed, but I got an extra entry for posting them here, so I'm leaving the links up:

Handmade Cards and Holder from Ewillow (really pretty!)
Breakfast Coupons