January 15, 2014

Welcome to Hearts Should Be Free - 2014!

Did you know that there are as many as 27 million people in slavery today?     I once thought that slavery ended after the Civil War brought emancipation, but I now know that people are still kept illegally enslaved by force, fraud and coercion throughout the world, and even here in the United States.

Heart's Should Be Free is an event I first started in January 2012 using giveaways to spread awareness about this modern scourge, because people can't change something they don't know exists.

Now, after a long haitus and a lot of work, Hearts Should Be Free is HERE!

The first giveaways open today, and more will be added weekly through Feb 15. There are also be some new ways that you can participate this year, starting next week,  including a blog-o-thon and online garage sale to raise money for charities that work  to end slavery and help it's victims heal.  To keep up with when each giveaway and event goes live, you can follow the Hearts Should Be Free Facebook Page.

Abolitionist Events!

1/22 - 2/22 Blog-o-Thon
Bloggers, please join us in raising your voice and using your blogging talents to raise awareness of modern slavery!  You can find info and resources to help you here, and you can  link up your posts here.

1/22 - 2/22 Online Garage Sale

Are you needing to clear some clutter?  Have some Christmas presents you'ld like to "re-gift?"  Are you crafty?  Please consider listing an item for charity in our Online Garage Sale.   Click here to shop items people have listed or add your own item!

All giveaways are now ended.

 Piroska Blanchette won
$25 to Spend at Shops Which Donate 100%
of their profits to help victims of slavery.

   Ashley Renee won
 Earrings and Bracelet from Zen Custom Jewelry

Tennille Fraser Stuff won
a soap sampler from 27 Bath and Body

Helen Bush won
A Necklace from UNBOUND Style
Earrings from Zen Custom Jewelry
 and Cards by Scribbleprints

Clair won 
A World Love Poster 
From Poppy and Pinecone
See Post Here

Rhonda Greig won
the Ombre Necklace giveaway From UNBOUD Style!
See Post Here
(Ended Jan 29)

Lalaine Hagler won
the Hearts Collection from The Tiny Bee and Scribbleprints
See Post Here
(Ended Jan 29)

Volunteers Needed!

Do you care about the issues of slavery?  Want to help with the even this Jan/Feb?     Check out the ways you can help below!

Share About This Event on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
Post The "Hearts Should Be Free" Event Button on Your Sidebar
You can find the blog button code below.  (I plan to give extra entries for this in most of the giveaways!)

(More Sizes Here)

Help Me Bring These Giveaways To More Places
Since slavery is a world wide problem, I would like to open this even up to as many countries as possible.  But I am simply not able to research giveaway laws in every country  If you are from another country and would like to be able to participate in our giveaways, I could use your help researching the laws about giveaways where you live.  E-mail me at ecarian@yahoo.com with HSBF if you are interested in helping with this.  
Translation and Research Help I am working on compiling a list of websites about modern slavery in as many languages as possible.  If you speak English and another language, I could use help finding websites and online articles about slavery in your language, and I also need help translating a couple sentences to introduce these websites.   E-mail me at ecarian@yahoo.com  if you are interested in helping with this.  
Help for Next Year  If you think you might want to help out next year by providing an item for an awareness giveaway, contributing a few dollars for a charitable giveaway, translation help, writing an article, or being a co-host, please let me know.  You can e-mail me at ecarian@yahoo.com.  You can also keep updated on plans through the Hearts Should Be Free facebook page.  

Information about the number of slaves was found in the Trafficking and Person's Report put out by the US State Department.

Thanks to Andrea Renee for her creative commons photo which was used to make the background for the button for this event. 

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