January 15, 2014

HSBF Giveaway: Hearts For Hearts (ENDED)

Hello and welcome to the first giveaway of the Hearts Should Be Free, 2014.  I am holding this giveaway, and this event, for ONE reason--to spread awareness of the 27 million people in slavery today.

This first giveaway will be for a set of heart push pins donate by Melissa of  The Tiny Bee , and a set of heart valentines from my Scribbleprints shop with matching stickers.

A Giveaway From
The Tiny Bee and Scribbleprints

In the last couple years since the first Hearts Should Be Free, I've been happy awareness spread by things like  National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month and the CNN Freedom Project.    But there are many who still don't know, and many more who have misconceptions about the scope of modern slavery.  I've taken the time this last month to dive into some of the new research and reports on trafficking that came out in 2012 and 2013, and compiles the following short list of facts about slavery.  I hope you'll take the time to read through it.

7 Facts About Modern Slavery
  1. There is an estimated 27 million people in the world enslaved today.  
  2. Human trafficking is the modern term for the "slave trade."
  3. Traffickers maintain control of their victims through various means, including violence, coercion  and threats of harm to loved ones.  
  4. 27% of known trafficking victims are children. 
  5. Sex trafficking accounts for 58% of all human trafficking.  Forced labor makes up around 38%.  Other forms of human trafficking include forced marriage, transportation of people for organs, and forced enlistment of child soldiers.  
  6. Victims of  forced labor have been found in nearly every job setting imaginable...including factories, restaurants, private homes, medical facilities, farms, and construction sites. 
  7. While poverty can leave people more vulnerable to enslavement, this is not just a third-word problem.  Slavery is present even in developed nations like the United States.

( Please feel free to copy this list and share it on your blog, tweet about it, etc.     I don't require any credit or back-link, but if I do ask that you include the list of sources below, and if you copy this list verbatim, let others know they are free to copy it too.)

I hope you will also consider joining some of the other events this month on Hearts Should Be Free, such as the Blog-s-Thon to spread awareness, and the Anti-Slavery Garage Sale, and visiting the other giveaways where you will have a chance to learn about different aspects of modern slavery.   To learn more about what you can do to fight modern slavery, click here.


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Thanks so much to Melissa of  The Tiny Bee for donating a sweet set of Heart Push Pins for me to give away on Hearts Should Be Free. I'm also including a set of 10 Lady Red heart stickers and 10 heart Valentines from my Scribbleprints shop (they are made from Zazzle "business cards" so, alas, only usually come in sets of 100.

To enter, please fill out the Rafflecopter form below.  You must be 18 to enter.  Entries accepted through Jan 29.  Winner will be chosen and announced here January 30.  Full entry rules are listed at the link on the bottom of the Rafflecopter form.

This giveaway is only open in the United States, Canada (except Quebec), The United Kingdom, and the following areas of Australia  (QLD, NT, TAS, and VIC only).   I would love to make my giveaways open in more places, but it's hard to find info on where giveaways are legal and what laws and special requirements every country has.  If you would like to help me find more info about giveaway laws in your country, e-mail me at ecarian@yahoo.com.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Melissa sent me a set of push pins (totally unexpectedly...I didn't ask her to, but I am going to enjoy them). Other than that I have not been compensated for this post.


  1. No I wasn't. I was aware it is becoming a wide problem. There have been quite a few big cases in the UK

  2. "I think {they} are doing such an amazing thing here. I never thought that it was that high of a number, but I have read a lot about it through Joyce Meyer's HOPE Foundation, also supporting women subject to human trafficking around the world. abrennan09@hotmail.com

  3. No... I hadn't really thought about it. I'm so surprised by that number- and that it's becoming such a big problem even in developed countries like the US.

  4. No! we celebrate freedom everyday but it is hard to hear that there are still people being enslaved!

  5. not at all why would I? This world is so messed up.

  6. I had no idea that the numbers were so high, movies like Taken brought mainstream attention to the fact that human trafficking is real and happening everyday!