January 24, 2014

Join the Anti-Slavery Garage Sale!

Would you like to do something tangible to help victims of slavery?   Do you have crafty hands, or things lying around your house that you no longer need?   Then maybe you would like to help by selling something in the Hearts Should Be Free Anti-Slavery Garage Sale.

You can sell items through any venue you choose, and then list them here.  I suggest selling through Ebay giving works.  There are many anti-trafficking charities who are part of the giving works program, so you don't need to build a relationship with a charity...you just pick a charity to donate to, choose how much you want to donate, and list your item.  Ebay does not charge any listing fees on items that donate 100% to charity.

Then, after you've listed your item, just come back here, and follow the instructions below to link up. 

If you are selling through another venue, just remember that in most cases if you will need to get a charity's permission to sell things in their name (that's why I suggest Ebay Giving Works...it allows you to skip that step.)  If  you are looking for an organization to give to,  Chyanne Ledbetter of 27 Bath and Body is raising funds for a project to help trafficked girls in Cambodia, and she welcomes people to contact her through her shop if they would like to sell things to fund her project. 

How To List An Item For Sale
on the Anti-Slavery Garage Sale

1. Pick out an item to sell. (Check the Prohibited Items List below to make sure it's ok).
2. Post it for sale through Ebay Giving Works or another venue of your choice.  At least 20% of the price must be donated to a charity that helps victims of human trafficking or which is working to end slavery--that must be clearly stated in your listing.  
3.  Come back here and list it on the linky below.   In the space for "name" please put the following info:
Item Name (amount/percentage to charity) End date if auction


Baby Clothes (100%) 2/05


The Pretty Things Shop - Various Items (20%)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The form is having trouble grabbing Ebay pictures from the site, so in stead, use the Upload Option (another tab on the first page that comes up after you enter the info). 
PROHIBITED ITEMS:  No medicine, food, weapons, alcohol or illegal items.  All items must be family friendly (no porn, offensive items, etc).  

Thanks so much for linking up.    Hopefully together we can earn a lot for some excellent organizations!

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  1. Such a cool idea! Modern slavery is definitely something I don't think people think about enough.