January 21, 2014

Graphics and Artwork for Blogging About Slavery

Do you want to spread awareness of modern slavery by blogging about it?  Looking for a graphic or photo to illustrate your post?  Below are some  you can use.  The photos are either licenced under Creative Commons, have statements allowing their use on the website, or I've contacted the artist and they have given permission for these to be used by others blogging about slavery.

PLEASE DO READ THE TERMS LISTED UNDER THE IMAGE.  Credit is usually required, and sometimes notification, and some may not be used commercially (which may mean no use on commercial blogs) so make sure to read the text under each graphic to see what you need to do to use it. Also, please DO NOT REMOTE LINK, as this slows down the servers of the sites these graphics are from. Save to your own computer then upload to your blog.

Trafficking Series by Talinakirra

Talinakirra has a series of 9 infographics, each with an image, a word, and a sentence with information about human trafficking. No credit or link back is required to use these images. In her words, "they are there to spread awareness and anyone who wants to use them can, no credit needed." However, if you would like to give credit you can use the following code:  

<A HREF="http://talinakirra.deviantart.com/gallery/?q=trafficking">Human Trafficking Infographics</A> by <A HREF="http://talinakirra.deviantart.com">Talinakirra</A>.

Trafficking Educational Graphics from Mosaic by Jacob Haynes

The first four graphics found here (the ones wholly in black and white, not the ones with color)  are under creative commons licence.  Mosaic Services has stated that images may be used for outreach and education purposes.  For re-use please credit Jacob Haynes.  No derivative works or commercial use.  You can use the copy paste code below to add the credit under the graphic on your blog.  

Graphic from <A HREF="http://mosaicservices.org/">Mosaic Services</A> by <A HREF="http://www.jacobhaynesdesign.com/">Jacob Haynes</A>.

Images by Imagens Evangélicas

 Imagens Evangélicas has a series of similar photos, some with text in English or Spanish, on flickr, which are under creative commons.  Attribution is required.  You can see all the photos here.  You can use the copy paste code below to add the credit under the graphic on your blog.  

<A HREF="http://www.flickr.com/search/?w=69812620@N08&q=human%20trafficking">Human Trafficking Images</A>. by <A HREF="http://www.flickr.com/photos/imagensevangelicas/">Imagens Evangélicas</A>.

Other Sources for Graphics
You can search under slavery or human trafficking at the following sites to find images to use.

Wikimedia Commons
Most of these are under Creative Commons licence or some other open/share licence.  Some requirements, such as attribution, may be required, and commercial use may be prohibited.  Please read the text on the image page carefully to make sure you comply.  

Pixabay - Slavery Images
These are totally free for any use, even commercial.

If you are an artist who wants to contribute a graphic for this list, please contact me at ecarian@yahoo.com.

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