January 21, 2014

Videos About Slavery

Posting or sharing short videos can be a compelling way to spread awareness of Human Trafficking.  You can find many on YouTube.  Here's some  that I found that I thought were especially well-done.

Shorter Videos

FCAHT:  Slavery Gets a MakeOver - 1.01 Minutes
Short and compelling message.  Not a lot of words or information, but a link where they can find more.  (Parental Note:  Choral song in the background sings "what the hell are you doing" in one part of video).

FCAHT:  Slave Auction -1:14 Minutes
A voice-over of an "slave auction"  with modern women and men being shown.  Disturbing and powerful.
(Parental Note:  All people in the video are well-clothed but the auction voice-over includes sexual refernces such as "strip her down, let the gentlemen look..she's full up front and ample behind").

Modern Day Slavery - Supply Chains - 2:33 minutes
This informative video overviews slavery today with current statistics.
(Parental Note:  Overall fairly safe to show.   Does show a used condom.)

A21 Campaign:  Natalia's Story - 4.08 Minutes
I like how this video combines one girl's story with overall slavery statistics, and ends with a hopeful message.  This was made in 2011 so a few of the numbers may be outdated, but still a good general overview.  This video includes a request to support the A21 Campaign.

Love146 Videos (various)
Love146 has various excellent short videos on human trafficking.

Longer Videos

TED Talk:  How to Combat Slavery by Kevin Bales - 18:32 minutes
This is the video that compelled me to start Hearts Should Be Free.  Though it is from 2010 and some of the statistics have become outdated, as a general overview of the problem it is still relevant and compelling.

TED Talk:  Photos That Bear Witness to Slavery - 19:18 minutes
This video shows the stories of modern slaves through photography.  It is heartbreaking.

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