January 22, 2014

Anti-Slavery Blog-a-Thon

Graphic by MistressAquarius with photo by Selma17.

I want to encourage all the bloggers out there to use their voice to help spread awareness about modern slavery.  As many as 27 million people are enslaved today, and so many people don't know.  I encourage you to use your blog to talk about slavery, then come back here and share your post in the linky below.   If you're not sure where to start, click here to find some ideas and resources to help you out.  You are also welcomed (but not required) to grab the button below to share this event with others.

This blog-a-thon is part of the Hearts Should Be Free event to raise awareness of modern slavery. 


  1. I wrote an essay on this in college. It was a comparative politics class on Latin America. Hmm, wonder if I still have the essay. The things I researched and studied were very eye opening.

    1. If you can find it I'd love to read it. :-)