December 30, 2011

Recomended Giveaways!

Here's some things that I own and love that I spotted giveaways for....

One Thousand Gifts (12/31)

A friend bought this for me, and it is one of the most beautiful and touching books I've ever read.  I also love the author's blog...A Holy Experience.

My youngest got this from his grandparents this Christmas, and it is SO NEAT!  The cute little pup make soft barking, howling, and other doggy sounds as you read the story, in response to different parts.  It's very soft, and doesn't interrupt the reading...and my son just lights up every time Jingle does something!  AND, you can say some of the phrases when the story isn't going and he'll respond to you.  For instance, "Jingle want to sing?" will make the puppy howl a Jingle Bells!  :-)

These bins fold out into a play mat and are just a neat way to keep your kids toys organized.   They just fold the play mat up with everything on it when they're done playing with their toys.  I won one earlier this year, which my older boys use for thier legos, and am thinking about getting one for my youngest's trains.   :-)

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