February 1, 2012

Ongoing/Perpetual Giveaway Linky Lists

Thanks so much Hearts Should Be Free Volunteers for helping with this!   To submit a giveaway to these, just fill out the form at these links (usually at the bottom of each post) with the info I e-mailed you with.  If a linky is missing or closed just move on to the next.  Thanks!

Picture Linkies
Text Linkies
  1. The Steady Hand
  2. Money Saving Mom 
  3. Chick Monkey
  4. Family Focus Blog 
  5. US/Japan Fam 
  6. Cuzinlogic
  7. A Lot of Goodies
  8. Can Contests (must be open to Canadians)
  9. Frugal Tips and Freebies
  10. The Savings Wife
  11. Dustin Nikki
  12. Finger Click Saver

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