February 22, 2012

Hearts Should Be Free - Map Earrings

For this Hearts Should Be Free Giveaway I wanted to give away something map related.  Not having a lot to spend, I found some rolled map beads on Etsy for $1, and made these out of them and some beads I already had.  Not bad, I say!

Oh, and, I have to share the envelope Sarah Pepper sent the beads in....I mean isn't that cool!  (Sorry, cool envelope not included with giveaway).

Anyways, the reason I wanted to make this giveaway map themed is because slavery happens everywhere. When I first learned about slavery, I didn't realize that it happened here in American.  But right here in America there have been men beaten and locked in a truck trailer and forced to pick tomotoes, women forced to braid hair in a salon and not allowed to leave, others forced into prostitution against their will.  And that's just the short list.  Modern slavery, known as human trafficking, happens in places like Canada and the United Kindom, not just third world countries.

But wherever you live, whether here or across the world, I wanted to show you just how close slavery comes!

To enter to win, visit http://www.slaverymap.org.   Find your country or state, and click where you think your city is.  Find the closest incident (marked by an orange exclamation...or by a number if there are more than one incident).  Pick one incident near where you live, open it up, and read it.  Then share in the rafflecopter below a detail from the incident.

Remember, these are only the incidents reported to Slavery Map and confirmed.  There are other incidents of slavery which don't show up on this map.  But it gives you an idea of the scope.  The nearest incident to me was about an hour away.  The victim was a 19-year-old woman who had been kept in a Texas hotel for 3 days and forced to have sex with four men.  She found a way to call family at home, and they called the police who rescued her.   This happened in 2010.

Click below to see the full incident:

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