February 13, 2012

Fair Trade Chocholate Giveaways

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This month I've been working to spread awareness of modern slavery through the Hearts Should Be Free Giveaway event.  Many people don't realize that slave labor contributes to many of the products we buy.  One of these is chocolate.

With Valentines coming up, it's sad to know that the cocoa in the chocolate we'll enjoy that day may have grown and harvested with slave labor.  And though the chocolate industry is beginning to step up, there's still a long way to go.

Buying Fair Trade chocolate is one way to help.  It supports companies who are already taking extra efforts to keep their supply chain slave free, and when they thrive, larger companies take note. 

I thought I'd track down some Fair Trade Chocolate giveaways going on in the blogosphere and share them with you...it's a fun way to get to know about some of the fair trade options out there!  A lot of these are low entry too!

Fair Trade Chocolate Giveaways
Organized by End Date

Ends February 17
The Body Shop Chocomania Gift Package
(Ok, so this chocolate is not to eat...
but it would make a chocholaty spa experience,
and doescontain fair trade items!)

Ends February 20
Whole Foods Chocolate Treats (Canada Only)

End Date Unknown
Dark Chocholate Quinoa
Fair Trade Rose Bouquet an Chocolate
Alter Echo Fair Trade Chocolate Quinoa Bar 

Looking for a Fair Trade Chocolate at your local store?
Click here for an excellent article about the labels you may see
on chocolate (and other products...the article is actually about cofee)
and what they mean.)

And here's some more info about regular vs. fair trade chocolate:

Infographic by Fair Trade Vancouver and ethical ocean.

Creative Commons Chocolate Pictures by Hayouji. 

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