January 16, 2012

Linky Volunteers Needed - $5 Amazon Giveaway

Hi!  Would you like to help with the Hearts Should Be Free Giveaway Event to raise awareness of modern slavery, and get a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card?  I need help filling out giveaway linky forms for the Hearts Should Be Free Giveaways.  These forms provide free advertising for the giveaways, and just take a minute or two each to fill out. 

Sign Up as a Linky Volunteer and Enter to Win 
You can sign up as a Linky Volunteer for Hearts Should Be Free AND enter to win the $5 Amazon gift card by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.  If you have any question please first read the FAQ below.

Volunteer FAQ

1.  What is a linky?
It's just a place where you can list links to things (usually on a certain topic) for free.  Giveaway linkies are common on blogs.  There are hundreds of them posted weekly and some ongoing ones.  Here are examples of two types of giveaway linky forms:

Linky Examples:

2.  How many linkies to I have to fill out to enter?
Linky volunteers should fill out at least 5 linkies, but can fill out however they are able and want to. 

3.  Should I start filling them out linkies?
No!   Please sign up first in the rafflecopter form at the end of this page and get your assignment first so that we don't have more than one person filling out the same form.

 4.  Do I get extra entries for filling out more linkies?
Yes, you get extra entries when you have completed filling out 5 linkies, 10 linkies, or 20 linkies.  After 20 linkies you don't get extra entries, just a thank you from me from the bottom of my heart.    You can only get extra entries after you've been emailed your assignment and actually completed it (or part of it). 

5.  Will you show me how to fill out these linky forms?
Absolutely.  Instructions will be sent with your assignment, and if you still have questions I'll try to answer them.

6.  What if I'm under 18 or live outside the US?
If YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE US:  Yes, you can absolutely be a linky volunteer.  You only have to have enough English proficiency to read this FAQ first.  Also, giveaways like this must be legal in your country for you to enter.  You also have to be able to use a Amazon gift code in your country to enter.

IF YOU'RE UNDER 18:  You can sign up to help if you are under 18, but you can't enter the giveaway.  However, your parents can, and you can "help them" do their entries if they allow that.   Some forms require e-mail and you will be allowed to use my e-mail and can not use your own if you help with this.

7.  Will you take my e-mail and spam you.  
Short answer...no.  As for Such Fun to Give, I'll be only using this to send your volunteer assignment/info and I will also ask everyone if they would like to be notified about the Hearts Should Be Free Giveaway Event next year.

Amazon (which I'm not affiliated with) and Prizey  both have privacy policies which you can see at the links below:
Amazon Terms of Use for Gift Card
Amazon Privazy Policy
Rafflecopter Privacy Policy

I've never know Amazon to get spammy unless you sign up for the spam specifically, but I can make no promises there.

8.  So, How Do I Enter to Be a Volunteer, and How to I Enter the Contest?
You do both by entering the Rafflecopter below.   If you don't want to enter the giveaway but would still like to help e-mail me at ecarian at yahoo dot com and let me know how many linky forms you'ld like to fill out and I'll send you your assignment. 

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