September 29, 2011

Squidoo Blog Hop

Hello, and welcome fellow Squido Lensmasters! For those who aren't travelling here by blog hop and don't know what Squidoo is, it's just a place where you can make nifty little web pages about any topic you choose, and maybe earn a little money for yourself or a charity in the process.  

This hop has been a real inspiration to me.  I've made more lenses since joining than I have in the whole year before I joined.  You all are such an encouragement!   Thanks!

Now here's my Squid-news....

I finished another lens this week!  Did you know that the term onesie is trademark of Gerber?  Until a few years ago I thought "Onesie" was just a generic term for a type of baby clothes.  But I found out after I changed the names on a bunch of my products at CafePress from Infant Creeper (their name for it back then...they now call them infant bodysuits) to Onesie.  Then I had to change them all back when I found out Gerber owned that name and vigilantly protects their trademark of it.

To save other businesses from the same mistake, and encourage people to search under other terms for this product (since when Gerber makes you take "Onesie" off your product descriptions it falls out of the search results too), I made the lens NOT a Onesie.

I updated my Blog Events and Linky Party lens this week.  Added a bunch of new blog events.

Thanks to Marsha for adding my son's Lego Creation lens to your Lego Lens!

1 comment:

  1. You are welcome---and an easy way to update a lens too!
    I planned on building a couple of lenses next week but then realized I have the Sppooooky Celebration 3 days so I doubt I will take the time. I can at least quickly go in and add charities to a few more of my lenses though.
    I am going to go put my 2 giveaways on your low entry. (I don't think I've ever had a giveaway with over 200 entries so to me that is a lot!)