September 1, 2011

Hop and Squidoo

Hello, and welcome fellow Squido Lensmasters! For those who aren't travelling here by blog hop and don't know what Squidoo is, it's just a place where you can make nifty little web pages about any topic you choose, and maybe earn a little money for yourself or a charity in the process.

This has been a busy and exciting week on Squidoo for me.

Here's the biggest news:
I got my first purple star!!  I bet you can guess which lens...Nazareth!

I also made two new lenses this week.  I made one on Vintage Alphabet Posters and another on Local Blog Linkies (Blog Hops and Parties where you can share posts about your home town or other places you've been).  I've also updated my Texas T-Shirts lens with some shirts about this summer's Texas Heat Wave (it's been in the triple digets all summer ready for fall!).

Thanks everyone who commented last week about the Squidoo Questions linky idea.  Everyone was positive but I think I'm going to hold off for now...I've been trying to cut down my time online and adding something else to do just isn't the best idea for me right now.  If anyone else wants to take that ball and run with it I'd be happy to play along though.

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  1. I am clicking open all of them. Thanks for hopping along faithfully. I really do appreciate it.