May 3, 2011

Giveaways For Good

Every now and then I stumble on giveaways that don't just help one person, but help our world (by promoting a good cause or a charitable product).    Here are a few I found below:

How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist: 330 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Home, Community, and World - at No Cost!How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist (Ends May 5)
330 ways to give when you have no money or time!  Now that's a book I'd love to win!

Out of Print Clothing (End May 7)
Every time Out of Print Clothing sells a t-shirt, they donate a book to a community in need through  Books For Africa.

Multiple Giveaways at The Lucky 7 for Infertility Awareness Week  (Ends May 8)
The week has past, but the giveaways are still open until May 8.  Many of these are giveaways that could be helpful to couples struggling with infertility.

Be a Hero Giveaway (May 9)
This giveaway for multiple prizes is spreading awareness for Heroes for Children (an organization which helps families with a child with cancer) and  the DFW Cadillac Cares challenge

Handmade Fair Trade Tablecloth from Dolma Fair Trade (Ends May 11)
Fair trade tablecloth by Dolma, a company which sells fair trade products and gives 15% of their profits to schools for children in need.

Bracelet from Hopschotch Hands (Ends May 11)
Proceeds from this shop support The Hopscotch Hands on Exhibit for the Blind.

If you know of a giveaway 4 good  please click here to share it.  

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