May 11, 2011

The Easiest Food Drive Ever

This is the easiest food drive EVER! All you have to do is gather some stuff and put it in a bag by your mailbox and the postal service will pick it up for you and take it to a food bank!

So, here's my Aloha Friday question to you can answer it in a comment.

  • When's the last time you cleaned out your pantry? And did you know that canned and even dried goods can expire?

Take a look through your cupboards if you have the time...I bet you'll find some stuff don't even know why you bought.   And if you if you've never checked them for expiration dates, chances are some have expired or are going to soon.  Of course, if it has expired you should just toss it...but if you find anything which expires sooner than you think you're going to use it, I hope you'll put it in a bag and put it by your mailbox tomorrow for someone in need.


  1. We clean out our pantry fairly often...and we still always find expired things!

  2. I cleaned out my pantry fairly recently - I was a little taken aback that some canned soup had expired in 2009...oops! They were in the back, and I had forgotten about them (obviously). :) I am planning on cleaning out my pantry again this weekend and getting a bag ready to set by the mailbox for the food drive - nothing expired, though. ;)

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  3. I always clean my pantry. Almost all my pantry items, canned or dry, have expiration dates. I always make sure I use the pantry item with the nearest expiration date first, so I don't waste any of them.