May 19, 2011

Easy Wins: Low Entry Giveaways

Since giveaways on blogs are usually entered by commenting, the lower the comments, the better your chance to win! Here's some I found with low entries ending soon.  Organized by End Date.

Ends May 19
Spanish Learning Audio Book (2 comments)
Penmanship Copybook (18 comments)
Doodlemark (44 comments)

Ends May 20
Dolma Fair Trade Giveaway (31 comments)
Be Clean Cradle Cap Remover Giveaway (13 comments)

Ends May 21
$15 to Little One Books (31 comments)

Ends May 23 
Pure Ayre Product (49 comments)
Removable Tattoo Earrings (20 comments)
$100 Visa Gift Card (11 comments)
$10 to Eganaise  (3 comments)
What's In the Bible DVD (34 comments)
Belle Terre Soap, Lotion, and Lip Balm (34 comments)

Ends May 24
$42 Tag You R' It Credit (6 comments)
Kids Belt (54 comments)
Smart Labs Toy (57 comments)
Of the Earth Bird's Nest (49 comments)
What's In The Bible - Isreal Gets a King (10 comments)

If you have a giveaway with less than 60 entries per prize ending in the next 5 days, please click here to submit it.  

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