December 4, 2013

Easy Wins: Low Entry Giveaways

The cool thing about blog giveaways is you can usually tell now many people are entered. The less entered, the better your chances to win. Here's some I found with low entries ending TODAY!
If you have a giveaway with less than 60 entries per prize ending in the next 6 day, please submit it here

(Sorry to anyone who's giveaway I missed during vacation...we came home later than expected).

Ends Dec 9

Fels Naptha Launtry Bar (35 entries/3 winners = ~10 entries per prize) US

Ends Dec 10

Various Prizes (67 entries)

$50 in Kyleemae Vintage Silverware Jewlerey (158 entries/2 mandatory = 79 real entries)

Paperwhite Bulb Kit (11 entries) - US, CAN, WW*
*Interantional winners must pay their own shipping

Ends Dec 11

Ends Dec 13

Elfprints Floor Stamp (114 entries mandatory = 57 real entries)

~ Means the number was rounded.
I don't like decimals. ;)

(Added to Blog List)

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