September 1, 2012

Multiple Mandatory Entries

On my low entry giveaway listing I usually allow giveaways up to 100 entries if ending in 3 days.  If you have a giveaway which has multiple mandatory entries it may still qualify even if it has over 100 entries.

Now note, this is only MANDATORY ENTRIES, not EXTRA ENTRIES.  The mandatory entries are entries which are required, not optional ones. 

Lets use for example the following giveaway:

  • Has 1 prize (A gift card)
  • The mandatory required method of entering the contest gives 10 entries.
  • There are 20 extra entries after that.
  • Total of 30 entries possible.
  • Ends in 3 days and has 150 entries.
Since EVERYONE who enters gets  10 entries, and 150/10 = 15, and 15 entries is way less than 100, I would still post it on my low entry listing.

When submitting a giveaway with multiple mandatory entries, please list the total number of entries and then in parentheses put how many mandatory entries people are given.

Using the example of the contest above:

Prize: Gift Card
Date Giveaway Ends (should be in next 5 days): 10/8
Number of current entries so far: 150 (10 mandatory)
Number of winners: 1
Where Eligible (US, Canada, Worldwide): US
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