September 27, 2012

Giveaways For Good

These giveaway help good causes!
Win fun prizes and help others too!

1/3 of all their revenue goes to support charity.
And their costumes don't even cost more than Walmart!
(At least, the ones I checked up on don't.)

This giveaway it to raise awareness of adoption
and help a little girl find a new home.

Sorry, these have ended...
but you can still browse to
find products benefiting
great causes.

Smiling Tree Toys Wood Lacer (9/29)
Nursery Giveaway (includes Smiling Tree Balancing Toy) ( 10/1)
Though it doesn't mention it on these giveaway posts,
 Smiling Tree Toys donates to Peace Corps worldwide
youth development projects for every toy sold.
(You may recognize some of their items from my
past charitable treasuries.)

This stationery I'm giving away on my other
blog as part of the above Extravaganza 
is also being sold to help fight 
human trafficking (i.e. modern slavery.)

If you have  another giveaway for good to share, please submit it here

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