October 15, 2011

Shop Hop Tuesday - Would You Like to Take Part in a Giveaway?

Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshine Hello!  I am planning a multiple-shop giveaway and I thought I'd join the shop hop to share it!  This isn't actually the first time I've joined the hop...though last time I hopped from my other blog, Scribbleprints.com.

I've done giveaways before...and though it has built up my blog followers and may have lead to a few sales, I haven't noticed a large uptick in sales as a result.  And, since I make a very small commission on most products, this is a rather pricey way to advertise.  I still do giveaways, but usually only for smaller items now.

But I thought about an idea...what if several sellers split the cost of one giveaway?   For example, if 6 people each contributed $2.50 than that would be enough for a $15 credit that then winner of the giveaway could spend in one of the participating shops (their choice).  Everyone gets promoted, and pays a very small amount.  The participants would also each split the time promoting (leaving links in giveaway linkies and such) so that no one person bears all the burden of promoting.  Less time, less money, and you still get good promotion for your products.

I already have several people interested.  If you are interested too, please let me know!  You can e-mail me at ecarian at yahoo dot com.  


  1. As you already know, I am definitely interested! I'll leave the details to you, though, as I wouldn't know how to organize this type of giveaway.

    Just an FYI and an apology... I've been quite sick and haven't posted much; behind in blog posts, hops, and everything else. Will hopefully get on target this week, though. Feeling a bit better following doctor's orders.

  2. Are you still planning this? I would be interested. I would hope to get more items listed in my shops though before it would actually happen.