October 19, 2011

Easy Wins: Low Entry Giveaways

The cool thing about blog giveaway is you can usually tell now many people are entered.  The less entered, the better your chances to win.   Here's some I found with low entries ending soon. Organized by End Date.

October 19
Many Colors Headband Set (23 entered)
$150 Worth of Baby Goods for Citrus Lane (65 comments)

October 20
Years Supply of Hand Sanitizer (25 comments)

Number of comments may have changed since this was posted.
New giveaways may be added throughout the week.

If you have a giveaway with less than 60 entries per prize ending in the next 7 days (usually 5...see note below), please click here to submit it.     But you should note that I killed my keyboard with a splash of tea and for a while only have occasional access to my husbands laptop to blog, so may not be able to get to your giveaway as soon.  Sorry about that everyone.

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