July 7, 2011

Aloha Friday + 2 Q Thurs - Aps

Every week or so I participate in Aloha Friday, where I ask a simple question for you to answer (nothing that requires a lengthy response) and Two Question Thursday (same idea...only TWO questions).  If you'ld like to, comment with an answer to the questions below:

Well, about a year ago my husband's work provided him with an iPhone, and we were introduced to the world of aps.  Aps are little programs and games that can go on your phone, which you can buy or sometimes get free.   My questions today are about aps!

1.  For those of you with a phone that has aps (or who have a friend/relative who lets you play on theirs), tell me about an ap you really love.

2.  OK, now everyone think back to...oh, high school.  Could you have imagined then that there would be phones that do what they do now?

Please leave your answers in a comment.  Thanks a bunch!


  1. I enjoy playing Spider Solitaire.

    Absolutely not. Smart phones were totally fictional. I remember seeing those very huge mobile car phones and I thought, "That will never happen." Boy, was I ever wrong. Not only are the phones smaller, they are every where other than in your car.

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  2. My current phone won't do aps but I'm planning on upgrading to a smart phone.

    I would never have dreamed that a phone would have all the capabilities that current phones do. I just wonder what's next for phones.

  3. 1) I have an android and my favorite is the Voice-search. Saves a lot of time. slider is great too, I don't type anymore.
    2) There is definitely some pro and cons. Phones would make life more convenient, at the same time it would also come with all the bad stuff.

  4. Don't have a phone that uses apps :)

    2. I don't remember even thinking of phones then, just where the next meal would come from :)


  5. I'm so sorry, but I don't have a cell phone with apps and haven't played with one. I like the simple life with an exception of internet!