June 3, 2011

Aloha Friday - Advice Wanted

Every week or so I participate in Aloha Friday, where I ask a simple question for you to answer (nothing that requires a lengthy response). If you'ld like to, comment with an answer to the questions below:
Intex 8' X 18" Sun Fish Snapset Pool
I have a kiddie pool sort of like this the one pictured on the right.  I like it because it holds a lot of water and you don't have to blow it up, and it's safe for my littlest because he can get in and out of it easily.  But it has a big problem too...it's a pain in the butt to store.  You're supposed to roll it up but I never can get it to roll up small enough to fit in it's box (which I've now lost anyways).  So, after last summer, it got left out, sort of rolled up in a corner of my yard I can't see from any windows.  And it got rained on, and the plastic bottom now has mold on it.  Now I can't figure out what to do with it.

So, what would you do?  Bleach it and try to get rid of the mold?  Toss it and get another one?  Toss it and try something else? 

Please leave your answers in a comment.  Thanks a bunch!


  1. I'd either use bleach or buy something made to get rid of mold on plastic. Bleach would be cheaper.

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  2. I'd toss it. That happened to a stroller I had - and it didn't even really get wet it was on the covered porch but just being outside made it acquire mold. I worked my butt off trying to get it clean with every idea in the book I had and everyone on my Google search had but after hours of work nothing had worked. I ended up having to get a new one. Save yourself some time and work and just buy a new one would be my opinion.

  3. I wouldn't play around with mold. I'd rather toss it. I just wouldn't have peace of mind that it's all gone.


  4. I'd contact the company and see if they have any suggestions. If that's not an option then I'd just toss it.

  5. I had this very same problem. I ended up just tossing mine and getting a new one.