April 28, 2011

2 Question Thursday/Aloha Friday

Every week or so I participate in Aloha Friday, where I ask a simple question for you to answer (nothing that requires a lengthy response) and Two Question Thursday (same idea...only TWO questions).  If you'ld like to, comment with an answer to the questions below:

1.  I'm really hoping someone knows the answer to this and can help me.  My spell checker on Firefox is set on British English.  It wants me to change color to colour and endeavors to endeavours.  It's getting on my nerves now and I want to change it.  Anyone know how?  (Icy, the first person to comment, knew this...THANKS...so no you can skip this one).

2.  What little (or big) problem is annoying you lately?

Please leave your answers in a comment.  Thanks a bunch!


  1. Hello Gale, you can try this: go to tools at the top of Firefox, and click on options. When a window pop up, click on "content" and you will see "languages". You can change it there or add language of your choice..I hope this will work out for you.

    What annoying me lately is my computer performance..It's slow and I'm impatient!

  2. 1. Wish I could help you, but don't use Firefox and have never come across this problem.
    2. The computer I use for the Internet, is getting slower and slower, and I don't know if it's just wearing out or if I need to start deleting stuff. I do a Registry Cleaning every month, but that doesn't speed things up much.

  3. 1) Thanks IcyBC, now I know for next time, I use Firefox as my default browser.
    2) I think what annoys me is the spam links on our Thursday Two Questions meme, hehe. There is one that comes every week, and I've done everything I can to keep them out, but it doesn't seem to be working. ugh

  4. I think Icy BC got the answer to this.
    My PC is super slow and when I visit sites with too many links and ads, I can not leave comments ;-(

  5. 1. Icy knows the answer.

    2. I am extremely impatient so when the computer is slow it annoys me.

    Margaret, you can defragment your computer and clean up your disk on a monthly basis and that should help.

  6. Looks like Icy has already answered the first question for you.

    No real annoyances at the moment. Those slow computers can be sped up by deleting cookies, files and such on a regular basis. Also blocking some of the ad trackers that show up on webpages and blogger helps a lot.

  7. I keep staying up too late and sleeping in. Which sucks because I keep getting my son to school late. It makes me so mad. I have too much to do and not enough time in the day so I sacrifice sleep. Things need to change before the school gives me a call and asks whats up. Or my husband does...

  8. I really hate the stupid bird who's singing every morning in the tree next to my bedroom window. I mean like, can't she find another stage for her little "concert"?!? .. boo to you little bird!! I am now following you from Aloha Friday, and I'd love to have you by;)
    Also today we have the coolest blog hop there is... no rules just fun and would love you to join in with us at Boost My Blog Friday, where you can meet lots of friends and have a great time:) See you there!
    Happy Friday

  9. Looks like you already have the answer to your first question.
    I find my neighbors 3 dogs barking all the time, especially at 3 in the morning really annoying.

  10. 1) I don't know.

    2) i think I just feel like I don't have time to do stuff or motivation to get things done...

  11. Glad Icy was able to answer the first question for you - I love Firefox! :)

    The weather has been annoying me lately - spring came late, but didn't really act like spring since Mother Nature was having hot flashes and gave us August heat and humidity instead, and lots of rain. Which means our grass has been growing like crazy, but we haven't been able to mow and it needs it! :) Luckily it looks like Mother Nature will finally be cooperating this weekend after yesterday's torrential downpour...might get the jungle cut yet! ;)

    Aloha: Pet Food

  12. Sometimes, spell check is goofy. The rain and all of the attention to birth certificates definitely need to move on.

    Have a great Friday!

  13. My big problem lately is getting someone to understand that their ministry is not mine and I shouldn't be guilted into joining them just because they want people to start a church.

    Aloha :)

  14. I am completely annoyed that my dog pulls by arm/shoulder/fingers every single morning when we run! My husband says it can't helped since he is a hunting breed, but that doesn't solve my dilemma at all. I know he needs the exercise, but at the expense of a shoulder replacement??

  15. the weather is nice one day freezing the next, tornado's
    flooding , rain then real hot again.