April 19, 2011

10 Giveaway Pet Peeves

Generally, I enjoy giveaways and I enjoy giving things away.  But I do have a few pet peeves about giveaways and holding giveaways.  Thought I'd share ten of these pet peeves for 10 on Tuesday.

10 Giveaway Pet Peeves

1.  When bloggers don't give an end date for their giveaways (since I post them based on end date).

2.  When bloggers are unclear about how you enter their giveaways.

3.  When bloggers tell you something is worth 5 extra entries, but don't tell you whether you should post a separate comment for each entry, or just comment once.

4.  When a giveaway says it ends on a certain date, but doesn't mention that it ends early in the morning on that date.

5.   When people enter my giveaways and don't leave a way to contact them.

6.  When  people comment on a giveaway post and clearly haven't read the rules.

7.  Bloggers who don't read my rules when submitting giveaways...especially the part about them ending in the next 5 days (yes, of course it has low entries NOW...you just posted it and have 20 days to go!).

8.  Sponsors who never send the giveaway item.

9.  Finding a low comment giveaway for something I love RIGHT AFTER the giveaway closes (DOH!).

10.  Having to pay taxes on items I won (not so much that I mind the taxes...it's the extra time involved in trying to figure what everything is worth and tallying it all up to put it on my tax forms).


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  1. I hate missing out on the good giveaways too! :-) Thanks for linking up!