July 1, 2010

A Realization and Some Blog Changes

I enjoy entering blog giveaways...they have been a fun way to "shop" and now and then I'd actually win something.  Lately I've been winning a lot of things, actually, because I've become good at finding giveaways without many comments which are easy to win (yes, I'll share how).  But here's the problem...it's become a very self-serving thing, and I feel like it's encouraging greed in my life.  It's making me focus on all the things I want in stead of being grateful for what I have and taking time away from things that are more meaningful.   I know that giveaways can promote good causes (I've tried to do that with the ones I've offered here), and they help small businesses get the word out about their products...but I just don't feel like it's good for me to spend so much time focused on this (even if I am winning enough to make it worth my time in a monetary sense).

So, while I will probably still continue to post giveaways for good and ways to give back I will be no longer be searching for easy wins to post, and will be posting less giveaways in general.  Thanks for understanding.

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