June 10, 2010


IThanks for your interest in advertising at Such Fun to Give.   Please feel free to contact me at ecarian at yahoo dot com with any questions you have.

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125 x 125  Project Wonderful Ads
I've added a 125 x 125 ad box through Project Wonderful, which you can see on the side bar.  With Project Wonderful you bid on an ad, and once your ad is approved*  your ad stays up for as long as you specify until you are outbid.  The FIRST person to bid on my ad gets advertising for FREE until someone comes and bids more.  Isn't that cool?  This is also a great way to advertise sales because you can specify the ad to only stay up only as long as your sale is going (whether that's a month, a week or only a few days). Bid on Ad Space Here

Other Size Ads to Benefit Charity 
I also accept larger side bar ads and text links.   These ads will be paid for by a charitable donation to The Mercy House or another charity agreed on beforehand.  I am not affiliated with The Mercy House but I have received permission to sell advertising to support them.  You can contact me at ecarian at yahoo dot com to inquire about prices.

Reviews and Giveaways
I am happy to do reviews and host giveaways of your product.  Click here to learn more about giveaway and review options. I also post low entry giveaways and giveaways benefiting a good cause for free.

Sponsored Posts
Sponsored posts are available a very reasonable price for those who have submitted items for review or sponsored a giveaway in the past., and for other bloggers I will sometimes be willing to do a post exchage (you post about my blog, I post about yours) for free.  I usually only do sponsored posts for companies unless I've done a review or giveaway first, unless I'm already familiar with their products, or unless the product is something like artwork where experience with the product is not necessary for determining it's value.
I participate in the Buy, Sell and Swap Ad Space Link Party.

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