June 21, 2010

EASY WINS: Low Comment Giveaways

The following blog giveaways had less than fifty comments each (at least when I found them).  Pretty good odds!  (Organized by last day to enter - and updated as I find more low comment giveaways).

June 21
Touch'd Foaming Salk Soak (17 comments)
When A Woman Takes An Axe to a Wall by Allegra Bennett (13 comments)

When A Woman Takes An Axe To A Wall: Renovated Edition with the How To Repair a Wall Collector's DVD

Photo Cards (32 comments)

June 22  
The Final Funktier Kids CD by Recess Monkey

The Final Funktier

Crayon Holder (32 comments -  Note, it says it ends June 20...but in a separate post she said she extended it to June 22)*
A Simple Amish Christmas by Vanetta Chapman (30 Comments)

A Simple Amish Christmas

The Truth Chronicles (25 comments)

The Truth Chronicles: The Time Machine

June 24 
UPrinting Business Cards (36 comments)*
UPrinting Business Cards - Another One (27 comments)

June 25
I Love Bacteria T-Shirt (14 comments)

June 26
The Host (35 comments)

The Host: A Novel

Canvas From UPrinting (35 comments)

Find more low comment giveaways at Helping Mommies Win.

*NOTE:  I got extra entries for blogging about the giveaways marked with a star.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gale,
    I would love to have you put my giveaways on here. The Address Labels end on the 28th. I put the end date on the side bar but forgot to put it in the actual post. Will try to go and fix it. Thanks so much!