September 2, 2014

Easy Wins: Low Entry Giveaway

The cool thing about blog giveaways is you can usually tell now many people are entered. The less entered, the better your chances to win. Here's some I found with low entries ending TODAY!

If you have a giveaway with less than 100 entries per prize ending in the next 6 day, please submit it here.    (I sometimes post up to 200 entries, but only if ending that day).  


Lyve Home Giveaway (10 entries)

Lyve Home  Giveaway (30 entreis)

$50 to YesVideo (165 entries)

Ends Sept 3

Dr. Song Vitimin C + E Serum (140 entries)

Ends Sept 4

Herb Collection/Canning Set (99 entries)

Ends Sept 8

Me, You, Us by Lisa Currie (24 entries)