February 1, 2014

A Squidoo Problem and a Request for Help

Hello friends.   As you know I have been hosting an event here called Hearts Should Be Free to raise awareness of modern slavery.  Another thing I do, year round, is I upkeep a Squidoo lens on how to shop in a way that help reduce slavery/help victims.  This lens features various fair trade shop, shops featuring items from rescued victims, and shops who donate to anti-slavery charities.  You can visit it here.

Well, for the second time I've had this lens get "froozen" due to Squidoo's fliters--so I can't make changes, including some much needed updates to some facts on my "10 Facts" list which are now outdated by new research.  Here's what Squidoo's automated system says the problem is...

Our Squidsystems found specific spam words or spam patterns on this lens. This filter is in place to prevent publishing on topics that have unfortunately demonstrated an overwhelming attraction to spammers. We're really sorry, but we can't allow publishing of this lens as it is right now.
While we can't divulge exactly what words or patterns are causing the problem, you can read our SquidDon't policy and take a fair guess at the type of topics we can't allow lenses on.
Recommendation: Re-read your lens with a critical eye and ask yourself if it is promoting a subpar affiliate program, if it's using profane language, if it's skewed as an Adult lens, or if it's on any of our SquidDon't topics (like gambling, pharmaceuticals, escort services, etc).
P.S. If you think your lens is clean as a whistle and not remotely on a SquidDon't topic, you canrequest a hand review here.

Now, I have tweaked and tweaked and tweaked...I've tried to cut down on key words (but there's only so many ways to say "slavery" and "human trafficking.")  My referneces to sex trafficking (which I can't entirely remove because some pull from etsy shop product descriptions) might be getting this flagged as adult.   I could just move the page to this blog, but I like how I can donate my ad revenues directly to charity through Squidoo, and I have no way, without being able to make changes, to let people know where the page has moved.

So I'm asking for your help.  I've already applied for greenlighting and haven't gotten it.  Can you all please write Squidoo and tell them how you value this page and ask that they either greenlight it or send me more specific instructions on how I should greenlight it?  I think if they heard how many others valued this page they would possibly respond.  To contact them just go to www.Squidoo.com and down at the bottom click the "Feedback and Bugs" link.   Please specifically mention http://www.squidoo.com/shop2fightslavery in your feedback.  Thanks.

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