April 1, 2013

Low Entry Giveaway Linkies

If your giveaway is nearing it's end and you still have few entries, these places might help. Each has a different definition of "low comment/entry." Some are under 200, some are under 100, some have limits on when the contest ends, etc.  (I will be editing this to put it in order by day posted soon).  And of course, if you are looking to enter giveaways, these will generally be easier for you to win, since there are less people entered to these.

You can always submit to these linkies.  Expired giveaways are removed occassionally, or new linkies are posted daily.

Such Fun to Give 

We accept giveaways ending in 6 days or less with less than 60 entries, and giveaways ending in the next 3 days with up to 100 entries.  If the giveaway has more than one winner, or has multiple mandatory entries, sometimes higher entry levels will be accepted. Easy Wins posts are posted randomly, and you can submit any time.
Tight Wad in Utah
She posts low entry giveaways every day on her blog. She only posts the ones ending that day (except Saturday, when she posts Saturday and Sunday) and won't post them after they go past 200.  She also has a list of all low entry giveaways she upkeeps.   I've gotten very good traffic from her site.

Airplanes and Dragonflies
Lists giveaways daily.  Accepts up to 500 entries, but those with 200 entries or less are listed first.  

Oh So Savvy Mom
Used to list giveaways under 200 entries ending within a week. Had a separate linky for each day of the week, so don't enter on the first linky unless your giveaway ends then.  Seems to be not doing it for now, but had good traffic so I'm leaving this up to see if they start up again.

Sweepstakes Mama
Accepts giveaways under 200 entries ending in 6 days or less.

Momma Is Sweeping
Lists giveaways under 300 entries

Just Another Hat
Family friendly giveaway ending in less than 2 weeks with under 200 entries.



Shopper Strategy
For entries of 100 comments or less...posted Wednesday.

Forumula Mom 
Entries With under 

Going Crazy, Wanna Go
Accepts giveaways under 100 entries

Multi Testing Mommy - Canadian Linky
Accepts only giveaways open to Canadians.  Has regular and low entry linky.  Leaves definition of "low entry" up to you.  


Little Yaya's Low Entry Giveaway Link-up
Little Yaya posts a linky for giveaways with 150 entries or less. I can't link directly to it but if you visit on Friday you should be able to find it pretty easily.

Mama Dweeb - Low Entries Linky
Post giveaways with less than 200 entrants. 


Just Another Hat: Low Entry Giveaway Linky
Accepts giveaways under 200 entries ending within two weeks.  Posted Sundays.

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  1. Thank you for posting about my blog (kids and Deals), and letting me know about the links. I fixed them!