January 4, 2013

Giveaways 4 Good

The following are giveaways for fair trade items which help workers earn a living wage, and other giveaways promoting good causes.

Fair Trade Giveaways 

World Vision Fair Trade Coffee Set (1/6) 

Jolica $50 GC (1/7) - US/CAN

Jolica $50 GC (1/25) - US

Other Giveaways For Good

$20 Paypal Giveaway to Help Haiti (1/11)

Jen from Life With Levi is competing with a local PR rep to raise money for Haiti Outreach by jumping into a frozen Minnesota lake next weekend. The giveaway helps spread the word!

If you know of a fair trade or other giveaway for a good cause,
please click here to submit it.

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