December 29, 2012

Reagan's Toy Chest - Supporting Nourish the Children

Reagan's Toy Chest has all sorts of wonderful toys for kids.  You can find toys for your little Artist, Builder, Musician, Scientist or Pint-Size-Professional.  Here's a couple of my faves...

My mom bought my oldest a wooden train
set similar to this when he was 3 years old
and he was still playing with it when he was 
7.  His youngest brother still plays with it.
It's a great long-term investment toy.

And how cute is this kitchen set?
I know I would have loved playing
with something like this as a little girl!

And the coolest things is that 10% of every sale of toddler toys are currently being donated to Nourish the Children, a charity which helps provide meals for hungry children in locations around the world!  Learn more here.


  1. Thank you Gale for putting up this post! I am very passionate about giving back to those in need!