October 19, 2012

Giveaways 4 Good

I like to highlight giveaways which promote or benifit good causes. Since this is Fair Trade Month, you'll find a lot of giveaways for Fair Trade Products (when a product is fair trade, you can be assured that the company has tried to insure that every person down the supply chain that contributed to their product was paid a living wage, something that is so important especially considering the problem of modern slavery). But there's some other types of giveaways for good this time too...

Sales from this cookbook help to fund training programs


Olive Natural Beauty Product (11/22)  - Partially Fair Trade

Fair Trade Gift Basket (Unknown End Date)

Fair Trade Giveaway Hop


This giveaway includes a Victoria Secret gift card, various
clothing and hand-made items, advertising and more.
To enter this giveaway you'll need to do a self-check
breast exam...which is the BEST idea I've heard of for
Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  While I don't know anyone
who is still not aware of Breast Cancer, encouraging people
to actually do something about what they know is a good thing.

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