October 8, 2012

Fair Trade Giveaways

I started trying to buy fair trade chocolate when I learned about how often slavery is found in the cocoa industry. I’ve since learned that slave labor contributes to nearly every type of agricultural and manufacturing industry…but unfortunately I can’t afford to buy everything fair trade yet, even if I could find fair trade items for everything I need. But I try to support these companies when I can. I figure any little bit helps them survive and if they do well it sends a message to the larger companies.

Get a chance to try some fair trade products free this month by entering the following giveaways!

Sibu Skincare (10/15) - Partially Fair Trade 

Novica Fair Trade $40 GC (10/18)

Olive Natural Beauty Product (11/22)  - Partially Fair Trade

Fair Trade Gift Basket (Unknown End Date)

Fair Trade Giveaway Hop

It's Fair Trade Awareness Month this October,


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