November 17, 2010

Think Geek Review and Giveaways

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your guy?  Try Think Geek!  I found out about Think Geek several years ago when my husband took me to the site and said, "If you don't have something already in mind for Christmas, get me something from HERE!"  It's got lots of great geeky gear:  fun t-shirts, sci-fi stuff, and actual useful stuff like solar cell phone chargers and nifty all purpose tools that fit on your key-chain.

Here's a few items Think Geek carries that we have a love:

I think the coolest thing we've done with this is attach it to our ceiling fan (TURNED OFF - it's strong, but I wouldn't trust it with the fan on) and manually spun the fan slowly to take a aerial video. 

My husband uses this ALL the time.  It folds up small enough to fit easily in your pocket, and when closed the clippers keep it on your key chain.  It's a really frugal gift too at $12.99 (and there's a tool with just the smaller version for $7.99 if you want to go even cheaper.) 

Anyways, think geek has a huge $1,000 giveaway on their site, plus is offering lots of smaller blog giveaways.  I'm listing them below by date:

November 17 

November 19
November 23
November 30
December 12

*I was not compensated for this review.  However, I did receive extra entries in the starred giveaways for blogging about them.  Also, Think Geek has an affiliate program and I am thinking of signing up, so if I do, the links will then earn me money if you buy something through them.

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