November 11, 2010

2 Question Thursday - Aloha Friday

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. Every Friday (well, ok, almost every Friday) I ask a simple question for you to answer--nothing that requires a lengthy response.  I'm combining this with Two Question Thursday (same idea...only TWO questions).

This week I'm looking for gift suggestions:
  1. I'm looking for a really good gift for a 2 year old boy.  We have trains and legos already.  Suggestions?
  2. And what's some good cheap gifts for boys ages 6-7?  Especially anything educational!

You can answer in the comments.  Thanks!
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  1. 1) Dinosaurs figurines.
    2) I have already answered this question for your post a couple of weeks ago .

    Hope you can find the right gifts soon.

  2. 1) Board games..

    2) board games is relatively affordable, and educational..

  3. Play-Doh by Playskool is a favorite for both age groups you mention above. To that you can add modeling tools, such as Barnyard Pals molds to create chickens, pigs, and other farm animals, etc. Also for ages 4-7, DK games has a Very Silly Sentences game, fun and educational, too. Kids learn reading and grammar, yep, verbs, pronouns, definite articles and all. Learning Journey International also has fun educational games, Picture Word Bingo, etc. And then there's Let's Go Fishing Game. You can get all of these for $7 or less at Ross and Marshalls.

  4. Books are always great.





  5. Princess Nagger would say dinosaurs all the way...and definitely a dinosaur dig kit for the 6-7 year old. :)

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  6. Are bakugan toys still popular this year? I also saw a really cool Dr. Seuss board game last year that seemed great for young kids!

  7. They really like those Remote control cars at that age.
    For 6 to 7 boy they are into action figures here where we are. Batman seems to be the biggest right now.
    My AF Question for you

  8. Go to the website Simply Fun...this is a great website of some of the best games (a lot of them educational) for kids of all ages. They will even come to your house and do a party so you can see what games you love before you buy them. I went to a party not too long ago.