August 13, 2010

EASY WINS: Low Comment Giveaways

Easy win giveaways are ones ending soon that don't have many comments (people enter by commenting, so low comments make for good odds). Here's a few I found, organized by end date.

August 13
CafePress T-Shirt of Your Choice (12 comments)*

(Want to find more giveaways sponsored by CafePress?  I keep a running list over at my Scribbleprints blog.  Since I sell through them...yes, the above shirt is my design... I like to share the giveaways they do with my customers. You know what's cool about CafePress blog giveaways?  The independent artists who design their products STILL get a commission when they giveaway an item with their design.  How do I know?  I won some things through them recently, and got items with my own designs, and STILL got payed commission on the items I won.  How cool is that!)

The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews (36 comments)

 The Heart Mender

Customized Mobile (29 comments)

Custom Post Cards (32 comments)*

August 14 
Lingerie (18+ Only) (30 Comments)

Digital Room Business Cards (46 comments)

August 16
Smarty Rents Package (12 comments)

ClickNKids Game (27 comments)

August 18
Bazooka Topps Travel Package (27 comments)

Sock and Boots by D. K. Smith (45 comments)

Sock 'n Boots - Share

August 19
"Ah-Choo!" by Jennifer Ackerman (2 comments)

Ah-Choo!: The Uncommon Life of Your Common Cold

Zoodles Premium 3 Month Membership (5 entries)


You can find more low entry giveaways at The Thrifty Things Low Entry Link Up and Helping Mommy's Win.

*Thanks to You Say Too and Gobs of Giveaways for giving me extra entries in their giveaways for linking to them here!

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  1. Thanks Gale for letting your followers know about the giveaway I am hosting.