January 21, 2010

Advertising for Haiti - And a Giveaway

Well, not just for Haiti...I'm raising funds for MercyCorps, an organization that's working in Haiti and many other places affected by disaster, war, and oppression around the world. They are one of the charities supported when you click at The Hunger Site and The Child Health Site, and was one of the organizations with the most quick and effective response to Hurricane Katrina. Now they are working to help relief efforts in Haiti, and I'm working to raise funds (this is just something I'm doing myself...I'm not in any way affiliated with Mercy Corps.)

If you would like to give you can send donations, even as small as $1, through the FirstGiving page I've set up.

And if you have a blog or website you can possible get some free advertising in return. I'm giving away advertising on my websites to pre-approved bloggers/webmasters who give. Yeah, you noticed that pre-approved part, right? Cause you see I'm sort of picky about what sites I link too...I don't want to link to places with porn, racism, vulgarity, or any of a number of other things I feel conflict with my beliefs. So, I want to screen sites first. But that being said, for just $1 donation to you can get up to two years of advertising? Not bad, is it? It's worth asking first, for, right?

For more details, and a complete list of sites I'm offering ad space on, click here. You can also enter to win a free ad spot here.

And if you would like to offer advertising on your own site to raise money for a charity you care about, or find out more places where you can buy advertising that goes to support a good cause, click here.

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