December 4, 2014

WANTED: Giveaway Sponsors For A Good Cause

Would you like to help promote your shop and do something to help raise awareness about modern slavery?   You can do that by donating an item from your shop to Hearts Should Be Free.

How Hearts Should Be Free Raises Awareness
Did you know that there are around 27 million people in slavery TODAY?  Just a few years ago I didn't know this, and many people still do not.  While those 27 million seems like a huge, insurmountable number, it is not hopeless.  The slave trade is closer to extinction than ever before--slavery now illegal in every country, and is a criminal activity that has already been pushed to the dark margins of society.  But if people are unaware that it still exists it will continue, and millions of people will continue to suffer.

Hearts Should Be Free uses giveaways to spread awareness.    Each HSBF giveaway focuses on a different aspect of modern slavery, and to enter people must answer a question related human trafficking.   You can see the questions asked last year (and see stats on how people answered) and find links to the full articles on the giveaway posts here.  Overall, 544 different individuals entered the giveaways, many of whom were unaware of this issue before they came to our blog that day.  44 individuals pledged to do something about slavery.

How Hearts Should Be Free Promotes Your Shop
If you donate a  prize for Hearts Should Be Free your shop will be promoted in the following ways....

  • Your shop will be promoted in a teaser about the upcoming HSBF giveaways.  This teaser includes pictures and of course links to the shops.  You can see the curent sponsors already listed there here.
  • When you sign up to donate, I will tweet that your shop is donating an item to Hearts Should Be Free.
  • On the giveaway post the item (or example of the item) you are giveing away will be pictured, along with a link to your shop and whatever social media links you would like.
  • You will receive two  "extra entries"   on the Rafflecopter form (in other words, someone can get extra entries for things such as visiting your shop and commenting on a favorite item, following you on twitter or pinterest, visiting your facebook page, etc.)
  • Each giveaway will be promoted on the HSBF Facebook page with pictures of the donated prize.  
  • I am happy to discuss other ways we can promote your shop or products if you have special requests.

2013 Hearts Should Be Stats

  • There were 544 people total who entered the giveaways.
  • Giveways avereaged around 500 entries, with an average of around 130 individual entrants to each.
  • During the event (Jan 15 to Feb 15) there was 1,649 we received unique visitors and 5,834 pageviews.

Types of Items We Are Looking For
We are looking for items large or small, of any value, that are either handmade by the shop keeper, fair trade, or digital (such as e-books, digital items, free advertising,online services, etc.).  All items must be family friendly.  I can not accept vitamins, supplements or medical items.

If you are interested in providing a prize for one of our giveaways, or have any questions please contact me at 

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