May 6, 2014

REVIEW: Custom T-Shirts by Shugie

I received a product discount in exchange for this review.

Every year I get a  t-shirt for my kiddos with their age on it. The shirts  are great for photographing, when my kids were younger they really helped them learn their age, and as they get older they are always excited to get their new shirt.  It's a tradition I'm so glad I started (and really, wish I had started sooner).

This year I bought my kiddos shirts from Shugie, an etsy shop run by Jess Galvan .   I loved the great superhero fabrics they enough even for my older kiddos.

It was hard to decide...

Should I go with this cool Avengers design?

 Or maybe Star Wars?

After much consideration I choose...


This is my youngest in his 6 shirt.  He LOVED it.  He was nearly as excited
 over this as the actual transformer toy he got for his birthday!

The quality of the shirts are excellent...they just look like they will hold up well in the wash (and have so far).   

The buying experience was great too.  One reason I love shopping on Etsy for custom items like this is that you get to deal with real person--someone who can not only answer your questions, but someone who has the power to make changes.   Jess  asked me what my kids favorite Transformers were, so she could be sure that the right one showed up in the design, and was happy to custom order one for my 9 year old even though she doesn't usually keep sizes that large in stock.   Personal attention like that makes buying hand-made worth the extra cost.  

I really recommend this shop.  It has a lot of great designs for boys I haven't seen anywhere else, and some great ones for girls too.  If I had a girl, I would totally want to get this one for her....

And, Shugie doesn't just have shirts...check out these cute jackets!

If you like what you see you can


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